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Despite the growing concern (rightfully so) regarding the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, I’ve been inspired by experimenting with AI and the use of dynamic words it requires to create a complex sentence that can create something very magical. As I entered the creative world of AI imagery, I was inspired to use it as part of my RIVO Digital Quilt series and transform them into my unique composition.

Here’s a few video animation samples of my recent work.


13000 AI PROMPTS BOOK LINK: – 13,000 AI Prompt Sampler by RIVO

000 What Is An Art Prompt

Video Blog 1074 – The Incredible Digital Quilt

Video Blog 1061 – Richard’s AI Art Project Vol. 1

Video Blog 1062 – Richard’s Digital Quilt Series – Vol. 2

Titled: Animation# 101 – Wooden Eggs part 1

Titled: Animation# 102 – Wooden Antique Autos

Titled: Animation# 103 – Wooden Women

Titled: Animation# 104 – Wooden Chickens

Titled: Animation# 105 – Wooden Eggs part 2

Titled: Animation# 106 – Exotic Women part 1

Titled: Animation# 107 – Exotic Women part 2

Titled: Animation #108 – Space Force part 1

Titled: Animation #109 – Space Force part 2

Titled: Animation #110 – Egyptian Queens

Titled: Animation #111 – Female Portraits part 1

Titled: Animation #112 – Female Portraits part 2

Titled: Animation #113 – Exotic Women part 3

Titled: Animation #114 – Exotic Women part 4

Titled: Animation #115 – Ancient Imaginary Cottages

Titled: Animation #116 – English Mast Ships part 1

Titled: Animation #117 – English Mast Ships part 2

Titled: Animation #118 – Locomotive Trains part 1

Titled: Animation #119 – Locomotive Trains part 2


Titled: Animation #120 – Locomotive Trains part 3

Titled: Animation #121 – Locomotive Trains part 4

Titled: Animation #122 – Exotic Mermaids part 1

Titled: Animation #123 – Exotic Mermaids part 2

 Titled: Animation #124 – Exotic Mermaids part 3

 Titled: Animation #125 – Exotic Mermaids part 4

Titled: Animation #126 – Exotic Mermaids part 5



The consistent theme in my ever-expanding digital quilt series, it reflects the unique compositional complexities found with the beauty of shapes, color and textures that satisfy my soul. Every image is an ‘Action Verb‘ for my heart & eyes.

As for my ever-expanding Digital Quilt Series, each 38” x 38” square canvas composition is a kaleidoscopic abstraction of a person, event or object in my life. I often refer to my experimental digital quilt series as the “Endless Sunrise Of Dynamic Balance.” Every image is created as a spiritual Mandela for contemplation where the eye’s mind will find peace and harmony within hidden imagery. 


My wife, Lynn and I, will be celebrating our 55th wedding anniversary this August 2023. We’ve raised three amazing children, Lace Ashya, Keye Richard & Skye Lukeyon and have both been blessed with joyous 30-year careers as educators serving thousands of amazing students with Milwaukee Public Schools. We enjoy bumping into them as we go shopping or visiting areas around the city.

Despite being a very private person, artist, author, inventor and educator, I’ve taken tens of thousands of photographs, created thousands of unique works of fine art. Over the past decade my wife Lynn and I have many adventures including self-published over 80 books and journals, produced over a thousand garden related videos for our Wisconsin Garden website and YouTuhttps://wisconsingarden.com/our-book-shelf/be channel, have volunteer as master gardeners, created and presented dozens of special interest programs for Waukesha County Technical College LIR program, local libraries and UWM Osher as part of their on-going learning in retirement programs.

Unlike most artists, I’ve been reluctant to exhibit or even market my artwork. I see my role mainly as an experimental eclectic artist who intends to fully explore the Action Verbs within artistic creation rather than focusing on producing nouns that grace the walls of homes and businesses. Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing the final creations with my loving wife Lynn, family and close friends. What Lynn chooses to eventually do with this very extensive collection of my artwork is totally up to her.

It was only after the urging of several family members and influential friends who privately saw my experimental work and I finally gave in and agreed to exhibit my work several years ago. After creating thousands of more compositions, Lynn, family and friends are urging me to consider exhibiting once again. To appease their requests, if you know a reliable gallery owner with ample space in the greater SE Wisconsin area that would truly appreciate showing a very unique one-of-a-kind exhibit, feel free to contact me (support@ART262.com) to work out the necessary details.



As an artist, I simply love to explore within the boundaries of symmetrical and radial balance. That’s what satisfies my soul and propels me to continue experiencing new and exciting artistic ideas.  As an artist now in my 80’s, I’m finding delight in experimenting with AI. While I only use the results of AI for inspiration, I choose to greatly play with the imagery in a different manner that’s consistent with my Digital Quilt series.  I decided many years ago that any challenge I gave myself must be based on tasks that are fun!


Video Blog 1062 – Richard’s Digital Quilt Series – Vol. 2

While Richard and I wait for Spring to arrive and tend our gardens, Richard continues to create more colorful works of art for his incredible Digital Quilt Series. He started his quilt in back in 1999 which now consists of 1400+ unique square quilt compositions.

Each 38” x 38” original canvas when placed side-by-side, span the length of over 14 professional football fields. To achieve and maintain a thematic consistency, each composition was created as a symmetrical Kaleidoscopic abstraction.

Each composition is a reflection of a person, place or object of personal interest that emphasizes my love of shapes, color, textures that establish a strong sense of balance, as well as it applies to my life and hopefully yours as well. After all, we all seek love, harmony and balance.


For those viewers new to our channel, he also published several unique doodle books called: “Doodling For Adults” and Children of All Ages. It teaches his unique approach to doodling, even for those who claim they cannot draw, to realize how much fun it was to experience successful results.




















For those viewers new to our channel, we’ve recently published a special link to our Garden Video Blog Directory listing over 1,000+ garden videos, each arranged by topic of interest from A-Z. If you’d like free access, please add the letters A-Z in the subject line of your email and send it to lynn@WisconsinGarden.com.

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